How to make paper in Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a popular online game that allows players to combine different elements to create new items. One of the essential items in the game is Paper, which serves as a fundamental material for various other combinations. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to make Paper in Little Alchemy, using a series of elemental combinations.

Step 1: Gather the Initial Elements Before we begin creating Paper, we need to have certain basic elements in our inventory. To do this, combine Earth and Fire to create Lava. Then, combine Lava and Air to form Stone. Lastly, combine Fire and Stone to produce Metal. Now we are ready to proceed with the Paper-making process.

Step 2: Creating Mud Next, we need to make Mud. Combine Earth and Water to create this crucial element. Mud is a vital ingredient in the creation of Paper.

Step 3: Forming Rain To generate Rain, combine Air and Water. Rain plays an essential role in the growth of plants, which will be our next step.

Step 4: Growing Plants Combine Rain and Earth to create Plant. Plants will later be used to form an important component in the Paper-making process.

Step 5: Creating a Swamp Combine Plant and Mud to form a Swamp. This combination signifies the damp and marshy environment that is perfect for creating the necessary energy for our next step.

Step 6: Generating Life Now, combine Swamp and Energy to create Life. Life is an essential element that will be used to form Human in the following step.

Step 7: Forming Human Combine Earth and Life to generate Human. Human is a crucial element in creating the final tool required to make Paper.

Step 8: Crafting a Tool To create the necessary tool for making Paper, combine Metal and Human. The result will be a Tool.

Step 9: Harnessing Energy To continue our Paper-making process, we need to generate Energy. Combine Air and Fire to create Energy.

Step 10: Creating Wind Combine Energy and Air to form Wind. Wind will be used to produce another essential element in our Paper-making journey.

Step 11: Making Sand To create Sand, combine Wind and Stone. Sand will play a critical role in the formation of Glass later in the process.

Step 12: Crafting Glass Combine Sand and Fire to create Glass. Glass will serve as a vital material in the creation of Paper.

Step 13: Time to Integrate Combine Sand and Glass to form Time. Time is a crucial element that we will use to create Tree.

Step 14: Growing a Tree Combine Plant and Time to generate Tree. The Tree will be the source of the Wood we need to create Paper.

Step 15: Producing Wood Combine Tree and Tool to create Wood. Wood is the penultimate step before we finally make Paper.

Step 16: Applying Pressure To complete our Paper-making process, combine two units of Air to create Pressure. This pressure is essential in converting Wood into Paper.

Step 17: Crafting Paper Finally, combine Wood and Pressure to create Paper! Congratulations, you have successfully made Paper in Little Alchemy!


In this step-by-step guide, we have explored the various elemental combinations required to create Paper in Little Alchemy. By combining specific elements in the correct order, you can unlock new materials and discover even more exciting combinations in the game. Now that you have mastered the art of making Paper, feel free to explore further and create a wide array of other items in the enchanting world of Little Alchemy. Happy alchemizing!

Quick Guide

How To Make Paper In Little Alchemy?

Here are the way(s) to make Paper in Little Alchemy

  • 1. wood + pressure

Step By Step Guide to make Paper in Little Alchemy

  • 1. earth + fire = lava
  • 2. lava + air = stone
  • 3. fire + stone = metal
  • 4. earth + water = mud
  • 5. air + water = rain
  • 6. rain + earth = plant
  • 7. plant + mud = swamp
  • 8. fire + air = energy
  • 9. swamp + energy = life
  • 10. earth + life = human
  • 11. metal + human = tool
  • 12. air + energy = wind
  • 13. wind + stone = sand
  • 14. sand + fire = glass
  • 15. sand + glass = time
  • 16. plant + time = tree
  • 17. tree + tool = wood
  • 18. 2x air = pressure
  • 19. wood + pressure = paper